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Human Resources Consulting 

Ahrens Naef Consulting believes that Human Resources as a function and benefit, is the center of the success for an organization.  Human Resources has become a Strategic Partner within most business units.  There is always pressure to show value and deliver financial results.  Human Resources enhances the overall programs and processes within an organization.  Human Resources is the very essence of a company's culture and it's success. Our organization believes that a successful organization incorporated proactive policies and strategies, and enhances the overall work environment, and ultimately adds to the overall success of any business.

Ahrens Naef Consulting are outsourcing experts.  Our goal is to help increase the efficiency and quality of Human Resources and enhance Human Resource’s contributions to the overall success of the organization.  We are committed to developing outsourcing strategies for our clients that align their Human Resources needs with the long-term strategic plans of the organization. 

Health and Group Benefits Consulting

Ahrens Naef Consulting realizes that Health and Group Benefits consume a large portion of an employer's budget.  The overall costs of health and group benefit continue to grow and are a difficult challenge within the employers daily concerns as well as within the strategic goals and objectives.

Ahrens Naef Consulting is able to work with the employer to evaluate the current programs, the financial and administrative impact of the current health plan design.  The consulting organization will work with the HR organization to determine and assess the current plan and evaluate the future plans and needs, this includes evaluating plan contributions, overall funding decisions and future plan designs.  Services include compiling plans, vendor searches, overall program evaluations and ultimate plan implementation.  Plans also include evaluating fee and financial arrangements with health care organizations, insurers or third party administrators. 

Disability Management Consulting

Ahrens Naef Consulting will work with the Human Resource Professionals as well as Benefit Personnel and Risk Managers to evaluate current business plans and human resource objectives and how those are affecting the income replacement plans.  Income replacement is viewed as any paid leave benefit provided by the employer, whether it be Short Term Disability (STD); Long Term Disability (LTD) or Workers' Compensation (WC) and coordinated Family Medical Leave, and accommodation information in light of ADA.

Ahrens Naef Consulting will assist with the overall plan evaluations, benefit integration as well as evaluate overall performance, assessing performance delivery, determining the level of continuity between internal and external managed leave and benefit programs.  Ahrens Naef Consulting will help you to evaluate the employee's perception of the plan, and assist you in creating a cost-effective disability management programs. 

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